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Producer Jeff Muller is one of the best I've ever worked with. As a professional musician, I've always demanded top-notch live-off-the-floor drum takes, clean guitars, and crisp keyboards. I've always demanded special attention and excruciating detail when it comes to belting it out and laying it down in the vocal booth. Jeff Muller delivers no less. Of course, I wasn't producing the album of the year, but for the money the band gave him, he was certainly able to provide us with outstanding studio recordings.

He offers a cozy office conducive to the recording experience. Wood floors, wood panelling, and a wall of rack gear complete this two roomed, two isolation-booth recording studio somewhere in the northeast among Calgary's forgotten industrial sector.

Not only does Jeff master and mix the material right in his studio, he is also an experienced musician himself and offers serious insight into the songwriting and creative studio process.

Each time I record (until I have more than $50000 to record and album), I'll be up at Alchemy laying down and cutting the tracks.

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Choose to use the Alchemy gear or bring your own

Alchemy Recording Studio comes with an impressive list of equipement including drums, guitars and other instruments, preamps and microphones etc. See more on the pages below.


9 x 7 Vocal isolation room for great vocal tone.


Check out our selection of amps and guitars


A Studio Quality 6 pce. with maple shells and zildjian cmybols


Don't forget the longnecks - we all know bass tone is crucial.

Keys and Samples

Weighted 88 key controller and some world class sounds.

Alchemy Studio Gear List

Pre Amps and Input Chain

Focusrite Liquid Channel - read more about this amazing pre amp

MOTU 24 I/O and 2408 converters, Focusrite Octepre
8 channel preamp, TC Works Helicon vocal processor, Joe Meek Twin QTS pre-amp, BK Butler Tube
Works tube pre-amp, Art Pro-MPA dual tube preamp, Art Firetube 8 channel tube preamp


JBL 834 self calibrating studio monitors in the control room, large bi-amp JBL system fir tracking, 2.1 system in the drum room, various headphone feeds.


Always popular -Neumann / 1 - TLM103, read more - The best Mic in the World?

Mohave Audio / 1 - MA - 200, Rode / 1 - tube ntk / 2 - NT5, Sennheiser / 2 - e604 / 1 - e602 / 1 - 441 / 1 - 409, AKG / 2 - C 1000 / 2- D112 /2 - C 2000 / 1 - C519, Shure / 4 - SM57 / 2 - beta 58 / 2 - SM58, Audio Technica / 2- Pro37 / 2 - ATM25


Sans Amp Bass Processor, Radial J - 45 Direct Boxes, Joe Meek Twin QTS compressor, Lexicon Mpx
200 processor, Aphex Aural exciter w/big bottom, DOD gated compressor limiter, Rane channel
31 band graphic E.Q.

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