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Alchemy Studio is a local favourite for tracking live off the floor with complete isolation! I built this space specifically to record bands and groups.

The whole group may play together in the same room ( with the exception of the drummer ) - with out wearing headphones. All the amps and drums are in their own rooms, isolated from each other. This makes it really easy to fix tracks afterwords, even with the drums. Usually, it's not a problem to replace a roll or fill - or even just one beat. This is true for all the instrument tracks, if you make a mistake, it's usually not hard to fix.

We can record up to 32 tracks of 24 bit audio at once.Usually we use 12 - 14 tracks for drums and 8- 10 tracks for the rest of the band. You can record live off the floor and use these tracks, fix these tracks, double or triple the bed tracks, or replace them completely with a new track. We keep things very flexible and believe that the best way to record is to get a great performance with a great sound.

At the heart of the studio are two Motu interfaces that provide 32 tracks of 24 bit recording. This is recorded using Nuendo, which features 96 tracks of automated mixdown. I actually just recorded one project that was 120 tracks. Using a variety of high quality mics and preamps I get the sound you want to hear from your instruments or vocals before recording. The whole group can play at once together, but still have the flexibility to fix any performance on any track afterwards. We also have a Pro Tools 10 System.

Alchemy Studio was built to record bands! 3 isolation rooms plus a spacious control room make it easy to accomodate single performers to large groups. Every instrument can be isolated in it's own room, making it easy to correct mistakes and perfect your tracks while still playing together.

The Control Room features a fully floating hardwood floor. This room has been analyzed and is designed for an accurate response at 85 decibels so you can trust your mixes in the real world. The main room is approx. 18 x 22 in a non-symmetrical design to minimize unwanted reflections.

High frequency diffusers and broad band bass traps along the rear wall help control the sound as well.The floating hardwood floor is constructed of maple, cherry, walnut and teak, utilizing the
sonic properties of each wood in specific areas ofthe studio to enhance the audio properties of the room design.

From demos to complete song and album production packages, Alchemy
Studio can provide you with an incredible recording at an affordable rate!

Choose to use the Alchemy gear or bring your own

Alchemy Recording Studio comes with an impressive list of equipement including drums, guitars and other instruments, preamps and microphones etc. See more on the pages below.

Alchemy Studio Gear List

Pre Amps and Input Chain

Alchemy recording studio, Calgary, Albertarecording equipment

Focusrite Liquid Channel - read more about this amazing pre amp

Alchemy recording studio, Calgary, Alberta

MOTU 24 I/O and 2408 converters, Focusrite Octepre
8 channel preamp, TC Works Helicon vocal processor, Joe Meek Twin QTS pre-amp, BK Butler Tube
Works tube pre-amp, Art Pro-MPA dual tube preamp, Art Firetube 8 channel tube preamp


Alchemy recording studio, Calgary, AlbertaAlchemy recording studio,

JBL 834 self calibrating studio monitors in the control room, large bi-amp JBL system fir tracking, 2.1 system in the drum room, various headphone feeds.


Alchemy recording studios, Calgary, AlbertaAlchemy recording studio, Calgary,

Always popular -Neumann / 1 - TLM103, read more - The best Mic in the World?

Mohave Audio / 1 - MA - 200, Rode / 1 - tube ntk, Royer / 1 - Royer 121 / 2 - NT5, Sennheiser / 2 - e604 / 1 - e602 / 1 - 441 / 1 - 409, AKG / 2 - C 1000 / 2- D112 /2 - C 2000 / 1 - C519, Shure / 4 - SM57 / 2 - beta 58 / 2 - SM58, Audio Technica / 2- Pro37 / 2 - ATM25

Alchemy recording studio, Calgary, AlbertaAlchemy recording studio, Calgary, AlbertaAlchemy recording studio, Calgary, Alberta microyer mic


Sans Amp Bass Processor, Radial J - 45 Direct Boxes, Joe Meek Twin QTS compressor, Lexicon Mpx
200 processor, Aphex Aural exciter w/big bottom, DOD gated compressor limiter, Rane channel
31 band graphic E.Q.


Vocals ( click for more information )

10 x 8 Vocal isolation room for great vocal, or instrument tone.


Guitars ( click for more information )

Check out our selection of amps and guitars


Drums ( click for more information )

A Studio Quality 6 pce. with maple shells and zildjian cmybols


Basses ( click for more information )

Don't forget the longnecks - we all know bass tone is crucial.


Keys and Samples ( click for more information )

Weighted 88 key controller and some world class sounds.


Alchemy Studio - Created for bands and musicians, Alchemy studio features 4 rooms and an outstanding selection of gear and instruments.

Alchemy is a large 4 room studio with 22 x 18 control room, 12 x 18 drum room, 10 x 8 vocal isolation room and amp isolation room. World class mics and pre-amps. Ideal for Bands and Groups, with plenty of space in the control room, and isolation for all instruments.

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