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Mixing is the process of balancing all the separate instrument and vocal tracks into a pleasing audio picture. Mixing is a artistic craft mixed with technical skill.

We have mixed well over 500 projects and have many satisfied clients, some getting airplay as you read this. A typical mixdown easily involves 50+ tracks w/multiple reverbs, compressors, midi instruments etc, AND automated fader and FX send moves. This is usually one of the last steps of the recording process, but also one of the most important.

Digital mixing takes place within Pro Tools, so everything can be instantly recalled from session to session. There is enough computer processing power that I can run over 100 channels with dynamics, 10Fx returns and automation for just about every parameter! I recently recorded a project that used 120 tracks.

Of course your project may not be that complex and we consider each song and mix on an individual basis to suit your needs! You can also radically change song arrangements. Stops or pauses, dropouts, automated fx or filter sweeps and track sweetening all can be done at the mixing stage. Once your song is mixed you can send it to a mastering house or have it mastered at Alchemy. (see Mastering page)

Mixing Pricing

Mixing in studio - reg $60 an hour

Mixing & Mastering Special - now $120 per song

Mastering Pricing

Alchemy also offers digital editing, track enhancement, tuning, de-noising and audio sweetening, When you need to make sure its perfect. From microscopic waveform analysis for repairing or reconstructing waves to cleaning, denoising and declicking, sound replacement, stereo imaging etc. If you can imagine it, Alchemy Studio can make it a reality. (see Mastering page)

Mixing Examples


The Path Less Travelled ( Hard Rock)

Cast Out The Cowards

Hear A Sample / Cast Out The Cowards



Ryan Notley ( Country )

Ryan Notley EP

Hear A Sample / Diesel Smoke



Proclaim! ( Vocal Group )

A Place Called Hope

Before Mixing / You Love Me Anyways

After Mixing / You Love Me Anyways



Silent Army ( Rock )

High Hopes

Hear A Sample / Back of my Car



JMM - Where You Going ( Rock )

Jeff Mojo Muller

Hear A Sample /Where You Going



Earthman - Bumpy Buttons

Hey Jeff, Thought I'd let you know that I posted Earthman on the internet collaboration site I work with, and it was very well received with of complimentary comments about the mix.

Ive also uploaded the song to my myspace account: and have put in a blog about how the song came about and about the mixing session. I have also included a link to the Alchemy Studios website, hopefully, you will start getting requests for mixing songs professionally from all over the world :). I hope you dont mind?

Once again thanks for taking so much care over the mix, I really enjoyed the session over at Alchemy, and look forward to doing the next one.

Cheers - Anand, - Earthman-Bumpy Buttons


JBL 834 self calibrating studio monitors in the control room, large bi-amp JBL system fir tracking, 2.1 system in the drum room, various headphone feeds.

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