Just To Be

Toni Vere & Hashmagandy

Just to be is the beginning of an outstanding career that drawsfrom a myriad of life experiences and musical stories

Recorded mixed and mastered by Jeff Muller at Alchemy Studio

The Songs

Please remember these are low quality streaming mp3s - CD quality is much better

Levi Strauss - A wonderful story about a long relationship

I'm Gonna Be on Ellen - single release for the video below

The Girl Next Door - Girl next door love story with a twist

Grandmas Old Guitar - Fantastic lyrics

Which Train - featuring Jeff Muller on lead guitar

The Video - I'm Gonna Be On Ellen


We shot this video upstairs at Alchemy for the most part, The intro and the Nashville, Europe sequence we shot downstairs against the green screen. This Video is was super fun to watch and shows the band at it's best.

More Hashmagandy Pics


Recording with Jeff Muller at Alchemy Studio has been one of the most positive recording projects I've been involved in. His talents as an Engineer, Producer and Musician made working @ Alchemy an adventure in creativity. I didn't really set out with a plan, so to speak, and we managed to make our way from bed tracks to a finished project that I'm proud of.
- Toni

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